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Celebrity makeup artist, Melanie Littlewood, knows the frustrations of finding the perfect makeup brush for your kit. So after 25 years of searching for—and failing to find—the perfect tool, she invented her own.

Go2Brush is the only makeup brush of its kind and the result of years of trial and error, a brush that would enable professional makeup artists to better do their jobs and give non-pros an affordable trick of the trade. Prior to styling hair and makeup for film, television and in salons, Melanie worked in the medical field and saw firsthand the physical damage an unsanitary brush can cause.

“Proper sanitation skills are essential, but, unfortunately, not all working makeup artists have them. Even those who are aware of the dangers of improperly cleaned tools don’t always follow proper procedures because of long drying times. Then there is also the burden of having to carry so many brushes at once—hundreds if you have multiple artists on one set,” says Melanie.

A board licensed cosmetologist, Melanie’s resume lists numerous film and television achievements, as well as convention work for the likes of Hillary Clinton and Richard Branson.

To learn more about Melanie Littlewood and view her work, visit www.hairandmakeupartistrybymelanie.com.